News flash

A new website is now available 3/26/24


There will be questions I will be answering about this "new" website, what's going to happen to this current website, and other things.

Where are the games?

It's been hidden from this website, but all of the games are on the new website. I even added "some" games so please check it out :>

What if I still want to play on this website?

You can click the "Bring me back time" button to go to the games section. Note that it's no longer being maintained and games may break.

What is the new website about?

It's the same concept as this website, but I added more games along with the current games. It has more features that I can't add on Google Sites, and I added some secret easter eggs cause why not?

Are you going to keep posting News Flash?

Absolutely! I love writing updates to you all, which is why I named it News Flash. It's supposed to be quick and easy to read with one glance, even though I haven't made that easy. But I am thinking of moving the new news to the website. I need to find a template or make one myself.

Are you leaving :<

No. If you were paying attention, I would still update the website, but not that much since it's hard updating a big website regularly. If you are reading this right now, I'm taking a break from major updates because that new website took too long to modify. I will make small updates to fix bugs and whatnot but don't expect new games anytime soon.

Where is the new website?

Click the "Go to the future" button to go to the new website.

March 15, 2024

Sorry for the wait

I've been focusing on fixing some security issues and it's hard. Some things break when adding the authentication for this website. But I've been working on it. Also, I finally have a GitHub organization so y'all can be up-to-date and I can be "organized". (please don't leave my jokes are funny)

The website will be coming out soon (maybe next month or the month after), but some features won't be available since the original repo went down. I might either fix them or remove them.

Also the, I gave up on that so no more that. (costs more money either way)

February 2, 2024

Upcoming update

I'm making a redesign for this website thanks to GitHub :>

I'll no longer be restricted to just using google sites. But that doesn't mean updates would go any faster if anything slower.

But it will be worth it. It looks so cool right now and I can't wait to update it :>:>

January 15, 2024

Update :>

im fixing the 

December 25, 2023

Early update

Here it is

December 17, 2023

More info about updates and break for me :)

Now that my motivation is gone, bookmark this URL just in case they block my domain ( Also ya, updates every month :(

But what's interesting is that my school also blocked the old games and vex 4. So now I have to get another domain just so all can play >:(

Also updated the Credits :)

Enough ranting, time to show you all what's getting fixed.

December 14, 2023

This website is going to be updated monthly now :)

Since my school blocked the website, updating the stuff for the store selection has been harder. So for now this is updated monthly until I get another domain for the games.

November 27, 2023

November 19, 2023

Added more consoles. Also now we are all the same unblocked website people with google sites.

All I did was make the sidebar to the left and update so all can play more consoles :)

Consoles added

November 15, 2023

Finally, old games works now

I go the old games again :)

So thats it

Console added

Games we added

We fix games

October 29, 2023

Big update for games :D

We are starting to use GitHub pages to host our games. This is an experiment still and it may not work as well, but if this does work, then this will be the biggest update yet.

Games experimenting right now

Games we added

We currently fixing

October 4, 2023

All games will be fixed with a twist

Ever since we read this, we decided to change our code to make sure we don't overwhelm our server, which will also fix the "Chrome has blocked this" message. This is coming soon so stay tuned. And I fixed other games too.

Games fixed are

Run 3

Getaway shootout

Removed Bullet force

We currently fixing

1v1 LOL

Basketball Legends

September 21, 2023

21st night of september

Just that.

September 17, 2023

MASSIVE update

The name finally says Unblocked Games so no more confusion. Updated games and more added, and bug fixes (yes there are bugs in websites). Also, there will be one ad (non personalized) because there's no point. *depending on a game, there might be ads built in (pls donate to us at patreon)

May update for small changes

September 1, 2023


That's all

August 13, 2023

Im working on the old games section to play Obama Cart 64

I finally got the web server thingy working now. It should be ready in a week or so.

August 10, 2023

School started 

and some little updates ofc :)

School has started so now I should start working on this website :)

June 1, 2023

First month online 

and some little updates to patch the website :)

First month online :D. It's been a bit of a pain to keep this website updated but we managed

May 11, 2023

Made a patreon

Support our work to keep making these possible by going to support us page under credits. It's only a dollar a month so it should be reasonable.

May 9, 2023

Made the TOS and finally escaped the ones and fixed some games

Kids don't really care. But for teenagers and adults, I recommend reading the TOS that is in the home section. We are transparent when it comes to how we use the data, so READ IT. (plz it took so long to make it D: )

We also reached alpha10 now. No more ones :)

And we fixed rooftop snipers and getaway shootout since they were being broken

May 8, 2023

Got our domain unblocked

If you are not in the schools where they allow specific websites only, then domain should work on schools. If they ever block the domain, you can always go to the original link

May 5, 2023

We got the domain working

Nothing too new, but now we can advertise to get some of our 24 dollars back. It won't be to disturbing, just one ad should be enough to get some work done.

May 4, 2023

Some minor changes

We did some minor changes like the footer and the contact page. Nothing too much, there are more games coming soon this month. Also, we credited the people who helped make this website, and maybe the people who suggest things ;)

Nothing too new, the only thing we fixed was the Minecraft page since it wasn't working as it should.

Thats all, keep checking the news as we update you of what happens to this website.

*Update on this same day

We put so many new games and we are thinking about buying a domain to make this website easier.

May 1, 2023

Our first News (So is our first publication)

The first news :D

Most people voted for the website, so here it is. Now you can go and play some games and get some homework done without breaking a sweat. Today marks the first-ever publication on this website since the introduction of the document we made The website is dedicated to providing a platform for old classic games, with a focus on entertainment rather than education. It also offers a chatbot feature that can ask anything. It's in the School things tab so check it out :D. With its unique combination of classic games and stuff, this website is sure to meet your needs. Have fun with this website. Social links are coming soon so don't forget to check out in this tab every once of a while.